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Golden Tour With Game Show 2013 ~7 nights 8 days~


At Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, There is an annual event which is called "Tokyo Game Show".


This event is such a big event for people who love Games, anime and Japanese comics. Many Game makers all gathering at the event and each makers have a booth. You can experience to try many games each booths there. Most of Japanese famous Game makers such as Capcon, Konami and Sega etc , Even foreign game makers are going to set up a booth. Besides, There is a booth for family so that even all member of family can enjoy this event. It would be a great opportunity to get a feel of REAL GAME.  This event is going to be hold on 9/21,22 in this year, so we kick off the itineraries
Golden Route Tour with Game Show 2013 from Tokyo "   Sep 16, 2013
Golden Route Tour with Game Show 2013 from Osaka "  Sep 20, 2013
Those itineraries are amazing packaged tour. After or Befor to enjoy the " Tokyo Game Show 2013", you visit so many valuable places such as Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka and so on.

Don't miss the chance of your life time.
Please check this itinerary following out if you need more information.

" Golden Route Tour with Game Show 2013 from Tokyo"

Golden Route Tour with Game Show 2013 from Osaka"





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